El bosque es nido de aves, como Cigua Palmera, Guaraguao, Ruiseñor, Carrao, Paloma, Colibrí, Zumbador, entre otros que adornan la montana.

Existen 594 especies de plantas diferentes identificadas y de acuerdo a los estudios contamos con la presencia de unas 90 familias de plantas.
Caminando por el exuberante bosque tropical  podrán encontrarse con el lagarto verde  (Anolis Baleatus), el loro Dominicano
(Amazona ventralis), gecos, ranas arborícolas, los buitres de Turquía (Aura Tiñosa), orquídeas  silvestres y mucho más. Los sabrán reconocer

The garden is home to several species of birds, such as Cigua Palmera, Guaraguao, Nightingale, Carrao, Dove, Hummingbird, Zumbador, and other beautiful birds that inhabit the mountain. There are 594 species of plants identified and according to late studies they belong to approximately 90 different families of plants.

The forest has become such a scenario then privileged place where nature and culture are intertwined, harmonizing and complementing each other.

Hiking up and down in the rainforest lush vegetation you might encounter the rare Susan Collins Losing To Generic Democrat In New Poll buy kamagra gold these insurance companies pledged m to lower generic drug prices amidst national crisis green lizard (Anolis baleatus), Dominican Parrot (Amazona ventralis), Geckos, Tree Frogs, Turkey Vultures (Aura Tinosa), Wild Orchids and more. Will you be able to spot them?

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